Who’s looking out for the iceberg?

A ship’s captain was working down in the engine room. An orchestra conductor was playing as part of the orchestra. A film’s director was seen working in the special effects studio.

Imagine the above scenarios.

The ship’s captain is supposed to be planning and guiding the course of a ship. Similarly, the rest of the examples mean to show that the people responsible for the direction of their enterprise should be doing only that.

As business owner if you find yourself doing the technical aspects of your company, then who’s going to steer the business and aim for success?

The entrepreneur starts off as three people in one: Entrepreneur, manager, and technician. And as the business grows, the latter 2 roles need to be assigned to other individuals in an organization.

Making sure if the daily operations run smoothly is the task of the manager. Performing the daily routines of a business is the task of technicians.

There is only 24 hours to a day. And challenges, or opportunities don’t come announced. The entrepreneur is the ship’s captain.

Who else cares for your business, as much as you do?

Finding your Why

Recently, I did some copy work for a newly set up logistics company. I was able to work for them, in the first place, because i sent them this as a proposal for their About Us page:

There is a big shortage for services catering to startups and entrepreneurs. If you look at it, startups are the biggest thing that can help our people and economy. They need a space to grow and succeed. But, the major players only cater to established, big companies. Those guys are too big to handle startups. I don’t think they are even bothered. This needs to change!

These words (more or less) were spoken by Sajehan, the CEO of said company. He wasn’t speaking to me as a copy writer. This took place during an informal conversation when he informed me that he’s starting a company. Being an entrepreneur myself, I was hooked on the idea and wanted to genuinely help his company grow.

If you’re a follower of Simon Sinek, like me, you’d have picked up on his ‘Why’ statement. And any company that has a clear ‘Why’ has pretty much secured its path to success.

While I’d like to believe in my own self-importance, and assume that he hired my services because my copy made his computer overheat, I have to be reasonable and understand that such is not the case. It’s most probably because of his ‘Why’. Sajehan wants to help startups and entrepreneurs have a level playing field, and he’s walking the talk so far.

For me, copy writing is about communicating a client’s purpose to the intended audience. This, I believe, is the best way to create brand identity. So, my work was made that much easier since Sajehan understood why he was in the business.