Finding your Why

Recently, I did some copy work for a newly set up logistics company. I was able to work for them, in the first place, because i sent them this as a proposal for their About Us page:

There is a big shortage for services catering to startups and entrepreneurs. If you look at it, startups are the biggest thing that can help our people and economy. They need a space to grow and succeed. But, the major players only cater to established, big companies. Those guys are too big to handle startups. I don’t think they are even bothered. This needs to change!

These words (more or less) were spoken by Sajehan, the CEO of said company. He wasn’t speaking to me as a copy writer. This took place during an informal conversation when he informed me that he’s starting a company. Being an entrepreneur myself, I was hooked on the idea and wanted to genuinely help his company grow.

If you’re a follower of Simon Sinek, like me, you’d have picked up on his ‘Why’ statement. And any company that has a clear ‘Why’ has pretty much secured its path to success.

While I’d like to believe in my own self-importance, and assume that he hired my services because my copy made his computer overheat, I have to be reasonable and understand that such is not the case. It’s most probably because of his ‘Why’. Sajehan wants to help startups and entrepreneurs have a level playing field, and he’s walking the talk so far.

For me, copy writing is about communicating a client’s purpose to the intended audience. This, I believe, is the best way to create brand identity. So, my work was made that much easier since Sajehan understood why he was in the business.

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