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Your Outcomes

We make sure that YOUR business is RELIABLE, and CONSISTENT. No more broken expectations, or bad experiences for your customers or suppliers or staff.

Scroll down to know how we achieve those outcomes.


Your side hustle is growing and you need to take the next steps. But, where? how? when? We are there to answer those questions.

Resources Planning

Your employees are your greatest asset or your downfall. Keep turnover, absenteeism, and staff mismanagement to a minimum.

Process Mapping

Automate your business processes to save millions and build a strong reputation for reliability and consistency.


Ant & Bee Stories Pvt Ltd was founded with the vision to enable business owners to work ON their business, and not IN their business.

We help business owners shape a business that runs on its own, so that the owner can focus on growing the business. 

A business that runs on its own

Whether its in Colombo, London, or Hong Kong, the Big Mac burger is made and served exactly the same. How did the owners of McDonald’s achieve this? Check this featurette for the movie, “The Founder,” for some inspiration.

Time is money

Ensure that each second you put into your business is well spent. If you’re doing the job of 5 people then your time is wasted, specially if you’ve already hired 5 people for those tasks.

Your time should be used to grow the business. Your staff are there to run it. 

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